Private Screenings

Myittar Film successfully clears Myanmar's censorship board's private screening. - 2020 Aug 27

Organizing private screenings with friends and family for feedback on various aspects of the movie “Myittar” shows a commitment to refining its quality. With over twenty private screenings completed, it seems like a thorough and dedicated effort to gather diverse perspectives.

Each category assessed—storyline, screenplay, acting, production standard, composition, directing, locations, production designs, and subtitle translation—plays a crucial role in shaping the overall impact of a film. Having focused sessions to gather constructive input on these elements suggests a meticulous approach to creating a well-rounded cinematic experience.

“The film reminds us of the power of cinema and the

ability to bring everyone closer to embrace a cause,”

– Seeni Mohammed, Screening Guest, Singapore

The engagement of friends and family for these screenings is not just about seeking opinions but creating a community of support and collaboration around the project. Their insights, as both audience members and well-wishers, can provide invaluable feedback that helps refine the movie before and after the picture lock.

What’s particularly commendable is our commitment to enhancement. It’s evident that the goal isn’t just to gather feedback but to actively utilize it for improvements. This iterative process ensures that “Myittar” reaches its highest potential, catering to a wider audience and delivering a compelling and polished cinematic journey.

Myittar Film successfully clears Myanmar's censorship board's private screening. - 2020 Aug 27

“The invaluable compass guiding a film’s perfection

is what the private screening is about.”

Such dedication to honing every aspect of the film speaks volumes about the commitment to excellence. It’s an approach that not only enriches the final product but also fosters a deeper sense of involvement and ownership among everyone involved in the project.

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