Wrapping Up Post Productions

Dedicating extensive hours at our production partner, G2D, in Thailand. - 2022 March 6

As we resumed post-production after navigating through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our wrap-up phase was a creation woven with precision and dedication. Among the paramount tasks that shaped our final product were:

1. Editing Enhancements for International Name Change: The transition from ‘Myittar’ to ‘Unbroken Ties’ demanded meticulous editing adjustments. This transformation was more than a mere name change; it was about weaving a new identity into the fabric of our film. Our post-production team meticulously crafted alterations across various elements to ensure seamless integration of the new title while maintaining the film’s essence and integrity.

“Final touches bring stories to life, uniting vision with emotion.”

2. Linguistic Diversity Enhancement with Skilled Freelancers: Coordination efforts with a dedicated team of fifteen skilled freelancers formed the cornerstone of our linguistic diversity initiative. Their expertise enabled us to expand the film’s accessibility by providing subtitles in sixteen languages. This collaborative effort ensured that the emotional depth and nuances of ‘Unbroken Ties’ resonated across cultures, breaking language barriers to reach a broader global audience.

3. 7.2 Dolby Sound Integration for International Viewer Experience: The integration of 7.2 Dolby sound was a pivotal step in our commitment to ensuring an immersive experience for our international viewers. This enhancement was crafted meticulously to envelop audiences in the emotional journey of the heartfelt charity film ‘Unbroken Ties.’ It aimed not just for auditory impact but to resonate deeply with viewers, amplifying the emotional essence of the narrative.

Dedicating extensive hours at our production partner, G2D, in Thailand. - 2022 March 6

“Immersive sound, unforgettable emotions.”

4. End Credits Adjustments: The conclusion of our post-production phase involved adjustments to the end credits. This crucial task was about recognizing and honoring the diverse talents and contributions that brought ‘Unbroken Ties’ to life. Each name, each role, intricately recognized into the credits, symbolizes the collaborative spirit and dedication that shaped our cinematic creation.

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