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The Original Myittar Script - February 14, 2015

Diving into the incredible 10-year odyssey of ‘Myittar,’ staring from the year 2014 to the present date, we unravel a tale spun from the depths of compassion and dedication. It all began with Mary K. Yap, an author and philanthropist with a heart for Myanmar’s orphanages. Her novel, brimming with themes of love and empathy, sparked the inception of the first Myittar team, setting the stage for a remarkable cinematic venture alongside her son, Peter K. Yap.

“Timelines echo the resilience of humankind,

shaping moments that define our strength.”

In the early years, the project blossomed, drawing the attention of renowned Myanmar Film Directors, including Academy Award Winners Kyi Phyu Shin, Wyne, and Ko Zaw. Their artistry wove seamlessly into the narrative, infusing it with Myanmar’s cultural essence and cinematic finesse. A significant shift unfolded as the project ventured across continents, joining forces with Hollywood Director Graham Streeter. This collaboration marked a juncture where international cinematic perspectives melded, birthing a story that aimed to transcend boundaries and resonate globally.

However, this journey was no smooth sail. The team faced numerous hurdles, from visa struggles for Myanmar talents to navigating through the upheavals of a global pandemic and a political coup. Yet, amidst these challenges, their resilience and determination remained unwavering.

The Original Myittar Script - February 14, 2015

“Adversity births triumph for the fighters.”

Capturing the highs and lows of this gripping saga were countless snapshots, documenting the trials and triumphs that defined the making of ‘Myittar.’ These visual anecdotes serve as a testament to the rollercoaster of emotions and the unwavering spirit that drove the team through a tumultuous yet awe-inspiring decade-long expedition.

The timeline of ‘Myittar’ isn’t just a narrative; it’s a testament to our committed dedication, collaborative zeal, and an unyielding passion for storytelling. Each year marked a milestone, shaping an odyssey that stands as an inspiring ode to resilience and creative fervor.

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