Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes with our two Myanmar Academy actors as they transform the Car dumpster into a cinematic stage.

The essence of the Charity Film Myittar’s Behind the Scenes is a symphony of nature and creativity, seamlessly intertwining the elements of earth with the dynamic pulse of the production process. From the rain-drenched landscapes of Kyauktan, Myanmar, to the serene movements of ocean waters in Mori Point, Pacifica, California, and the gentle whispers of wind at Leiktho, Myanmar, nature played a silent yet influential role in shaping the film’s visual narrative. These elements acted as silent collaborators, harmonizing with the artistic endeavor.

“Behind every frame lies the unseen magic, weaving the

essence of storytelling into the fabric of cinema.”

Amidst the bustling production scenes, glimpses of animals added an unexpected yet beautiful harmony to the Behind the Scenes footage. Cows grazing peacefully amidst the rare UNESCO site in Bagan, geese flocking around the Sacred Heart Church compound in Kyauktan, and fish swimming in the bowl at the Round House infused a serene quality, showcasing nature’s unscripted involvement in the filmmaking process. These unplanned moments highlighted the film’s profound connection to the earth and its creatures, underscoring its rootedness in the natural world.

Behind the scenes: Chin Myanmar National Gin Mung as ‘MIN’ arrives in a vintage 1980s Yellow Cab in San Francisco, as the production team prepares for the shoot.

“Intrinsic, Revealing, Immersive”

The Behind the Scenes footage not only captured nature’s allure but also depicted the vibrant energy of the dedicated cast and crew. Their commitment and camaraderie added depth to the narrative, showcasing the collaborative spirit that propelled the production forward. These glimpses not only brought the filmmaking process to life but also offered the marketing team a rich tapestry of moments, presenting a captivating insight into the making of the Charity Film Myittar.

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