The MP team conducted a captivating interview with Director of Myittar, Graham Streeter.

Interviews with the personalities behind the making of the Charity Film Myittar unveil a rich mosaic of its creation process. Beginning with the Author and Writer, Mary K. Yap, the interviews offer a glimpse into the initial inspiration and evolution of the narrative. Mary’s vision and storytelling abilities form the bedrock upon which the film’s emotional depth is built, providing a unique insight into the story’s genesis.

“Conducting interviews is like unveiling untold stories, offering a profound window into the soul of creation.”

Directors Graham Streeter and Swe Zin Htaik, through their interviews, reveal the collaborative efforts that brought the script to life, bridging words with captivating visuals. Their perspectives shed light on the triumphs and hurdles faced while translating Myittar’s essence onto the screen.

The interviews with Producers Peter K. Yap and Alex Lebosq delve into the logistical complexities and creative orchestration behind the scenes. They showcase the delicate interplay between funding, resource allocation, and artistic vision, crucial to realizing a project of this magnitude. Furthermore, Script Supervisor Meme Lwin’s insights highlight the meticulous attention to script integrity during filming, emphasizing the precision demanded in every scene.

“Heartbeat behind the curtain.”

These interviews serve as an essential narrative thread, weaving together the varied perspectives of the cast and crew. From actors to cinematographers, each interview encapsulates the collaborative spirit driving the project. Together, they offer a detailed background, granting audiences an exclusive insight into the profound dedication, artistic vision, and collective passion that brought the Charity Film Myittar to life.

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