Gin Mung uplifts orphan youths at the Sacred Heart Parish compound in Kyauktan, Myanmar. - 2023 July 11

Charity films are distinct from ordinary feature films, primarily created to raise awareness and support for a specific cause or campaign. Unlike conventional cinema, which often entertains and tells fictional stories, charity films evoke empathy and drive action toward a particular social or humanitarian issue.

“More than narratives; they are visual symphonies of

compassion to inspire hearts and mobilize humanity

toward meaningful change.”

The focus of charity films is on advocacy, encouraging viewers to become actively involved in positively impacting the highlighted cause. In the case of the charity film “Myittar,” the central message revolves around the transformative power of hope for marginalized and underserved orphanage communities.

The successful making of the charity film resulted from a fortified partnership between Mandalay Productions and the Mary K. Yap Foundation. This collaboration marks the inception of joint production initiatives that leverage the power of cinema to bring global attention to the plight of parentless children in need.

“Inspirational Advocacy Cinematics”

By combining the storytelling prowess of Mandalay Productions with the philanthropic mission of the Mary K. Yap Foundation, the alliance aims to create compelling narratives that entertain and serve a higher purpose. All net proceeds generated from the theatrical and streaming release of the charity film “Myittar” are dedicated to advancing orphanage communities globally. This unique partnership showcases the potential for the film industry to act as a catalyst for positive change and social impact.

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